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"Introducing the rock grunge stoner trio, 'BaRaTi': Hailing from the sun-soaked landscapes of deserts and cities, this powerful trio delivers a gritty blend of raw energy and sound. With influences ranging from desert stoner to heavy riff-driven rock, 'BaRaTi' crafts a sound that is both heavy and evocative. Their music embodies the rugged beauty of the desertn and rebellion through fuzzy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and heavy baselines. With a reputation for explosive live performances, 'BaRaTi' captivates audiences with their dynamic stage presence and unapologetic authenticity. Prepare to be transported on a ultra sonic journey through the sands of time with 'BaRaTi'."


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4th of July @ Blaze bar Jerusalem


BaRaTi @ Babity Feb 24 2024
StonerFest 2024
StonerFest 2024
BaRaTi in action
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